2012 PDA Annual Meeting

2012 Annual PDA Meeting

This meeting will bring together experts from academia, industry and regulatory agencies from around the world to discuss current practices and opportunities in emerging biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This year’s meeting will be focusing on science and technology innovation as well as optimized performance, offering extensive formal and informal networking opportunities and providing a forum to contribute to and influence the advancement of science and regulation in the pharmaceutical industry. A special focus will be given to manufacturing innovations and new technologies, as well as regulatory perspectives on biopharmaceuticals. Use of innovation and new technologies helps to ensure success of new processes.

BioLumix Rapid Microbiological System will present its capabilities in performing testing equivalent to USP <61> and <62> simultaneously on a single platform in a fraction of the time and cost. The novel automated growth-based system detects microbial growth, provides an estimation of viable cell counts (Total aerobic count, Yeast and Mold, Bile tolerant gram negatives), and identifies the absence of specified groups of microorganisms. Automated, all-in-one microbial testing system is extremely easy to operate and cost-effective, revolutionizing your current testing methodology. A novel optical system using ready-to-use vials provides faster results, labor savings, automation, and connectivity. The streamlined testing design and rapid, accurate results lead to reduced material-holding time for faster product and raw materials release. Capable of analyzing tablets, capsules, powder, liquid and viscous material without any product interference.

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