Neogen Corporation
Since its founding in 1982, Neogen has been a leader in developing and marketing diagnostic test kits that provide food safety solutions. Neogen’s comprehensive line of rapid food safety diagnostics includes dehydrated culture media, and tests for: foodborne pathogens, including Neogen’s ANSR® test system, the quickest and easiest testing method to definitively detect pathogen DNA in food and environmental samples; natural toxins, including Reveal® Q+ fully quantitative lateral flow tests for mycotoxins; food allergens, including Reveal 3-D food allergen test kits; hygiene/sanitation, including the AccuPoint® 2 Sanitation Monitoring System; milk analysis, including Neogen’s BetaStar® testing products; and general microbiology.

General microbiology: BioLumix joins Soleris

With Neogen’s October 2014 acquisition of the BioLumix technology, Neogen can now offer the two most advanced automated general microbiology platforms available: BioLumix and Soleris®. Combining of the Soleris and BioLumix technologies, market bases, and outstanding technical staffs will greatly enhance Neogen’s ability to offer innovative solutions to food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, beverage and other manufacturing businesses. The combination benefits builds upon an already proven ability to reduce holding times, decrease labor, and improve throughput of customers of both companies moving forward.

With the BioLumix and Soleris systems, microbiology product testing can be viewed from a position of company strength and competitive advantage. The systems are fully automated, validated against USP methodology and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. They deliver complete microbiology testing results within 48 hours, allowing for faster product release time, shorter sample prep time — saving time, money and other resources.

Neogen offers individualized customer and industry specific validation packages (generated during the installation phase) with installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), and performance qualification (PQ) — and a Drug Master File (DMF) is on file with the FDA. The combined BioLumix and Soleris customer service teams are second to none with the ability to offer customer support from anywhere in the world. With the two systems, you can rely on receiving the highest degree of service, support and compliance with FDA regulations. The teams pride themselves on developing systems that provide fast results and are easy to operate.

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