Back to Back: BioLumix Attends Nutracon, Engredea and will be Featured in the Innovation Station during Engredea

Where & When?

March 7th-8th, BioLumix will be attending Nutracon at the Anaheim Hilton hotel for the first time ever in 2012, due to overwhelmingly positive feedback from both our customers and prospective customers about the show. Shortly after the Nutracon show, BioLumix will take its place in Booth #321 for the three day show, Engredea, March 9th – 11th. During this time, BioLumix will be featured at the Innovation Station located within the Engredea show floor.

Are cGMP Regulations Driving Up Your Costs?

Learn how we can save you time and money! Streamline your microbiological testing, reduce cost, increase efficiency and see rapid return on investment with the BioLumix system. BioLumix is fully automated, validated against US methodology, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant system that allows for Complete microbiology testing results within 24-48 hours, allowing for faster product release time, shorter sample prep time – saving time, money and other resources. BioLumix was chosen as one of the most significant innovations in Engredea 2012-Don’t miss us at the innovation station

Why Visit us at Booth #321?

Be sure to stop by the BioLumix booth (#321) to view a product demo, meet some of our customers to learn the benefits that the system brought to them and inquire about our show special pricing. Examine our numerous product literature and scientific white papers.

The BioLumix System is completely modular, able to handle the microbiological testing needs of both large and small companies. In most cases a Return-On-Investment can be proved within 6 months. We truly believe the BioLumix System will make your company more efficient and add profits to your bottom line! Don’t just take our word for it, speak to our customers directly.

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