Benefits of the Biolumix System

Quality Assurance with a Competitive Advantage

BioLumix offers real-time microbiology with significantly reduced time to results, earlier release of inventory, and faster identification of microbiological problems. You’ll expedite your time to results with early alarm of contamination, early product release, and immediate presentation of data.

Increase your Efficiency and Add Profits with Labor Savings

BioLumix delivers shorter sample preparation, automated real-time communication, fast product release, and early warning of contamination. The system is positioned to test incoming raw materials, critical control points, as well as finished goods. It comes with a validation package to assist you in compliance with cGMP.

With connectivity through the Internet or LIMS (laboratory information management system) results may be transferred in real-time to company operations (warehouse and production lines). Our fully automated system means automated data archiving, automated report generation, and automated product release.

Add value with:

  • A compact instrument that saves laboratory space
  • User focused software that is easy to operate, and understand
  • Ready-to-use vials are available for a variety of tests, with organism specific enrichment medium
  • All confirmation steps are done directly from the vial
  • Technical service available 24/7
  • Automated Certificate of Analysis

Why You Should Invest in the BioLumix System

The BioLumix system allows the user to test as frequently and as broadly as desired without significant cost or delays. The results are increased capacity along with cost reduction, improvement of logistics, and overall better efficiencies! With shorter sample preparation time and automated data entry, data archiving, report generation, and product release, the BioLumix system simplifies and automates your laboratory procedures. Tests can be performed by non-microbiologists, providing significant savings in laboratory labor.

The BioLumix system brings higher value to your company as a whole and to its manufacturing capabilities by:

  • Allowing you to test more frequently and broadly.
  • Automating microbiological testing procedures so that you can reduce costs.
  • Providing cost reduction, improved logistics, and better efficiencies while increasing your overall capacity.
  • A validation package, providing a step-by–step process to qualify the installation (IQ), operation (OQ) and performance (PQ) of the BioLumix system for the intended use, can be included.

In addition, the BioLumix system has significant use in process control, assessing shelf life, evaluation of factors affecting growth kinetics, inhibitory effectiveness testing, enzymatic reactions, and data accumulation for mathematical modeling.

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