BioLumix Chapter in: Environmental Monitoring- A comprehensive Handbook- Volume 6

Edited by Jeanne Moldenhauer

The Environmental Monitoring series edited by Jeanne Moldenhauer provides guidance through the ins and outs of the multitudinous aspects of compliance. They are a must have for anyone involved in any way with environmental monitoring concerns. These six volumes, with 112 chapters written by subject matter experts worldwide, describe methods for developing and operating an appropriate, sustainable microbiological program for production and the laboratory. Each volume is different, as each speaks about separate environmental monitoring issues. Numerous useful protocols are included.

The 6 volume is an essential addition to this valuable series, offering current information about numerous subjects including environmental monitoring (E.M.) computerized systems, real-time clean room monitoring for total and viable particles, validation of a rapid system (BioLumix) for E.M. monitoring and water testing, practical and business approaches to microbial IDs, E.M. for non-sterile operations, objectionable microorganisms, neutralization of disinfectants in E.M. media, microbial characterization of E.M. samples and many more topics.

BioLumix Chapter 14: Validation of a rapid system for environmental monitoring and water testing; written by Ruth Eden and Roger Brideau includes an introduction to the BioLumix system, its sensorial and how microorganisms change color or fluorescence, the instrumentation and the software utilized. Following, is a detailed description of the validation work done to show the equivalency of the BioLumix automated system to the USP methodology. The chapter also shows how the BioLumix system can be used to monitor processing water for heterotrophic bacteria, coliform and E. coli.