BioLumix Customer Satisfaction Survey

At BioLumix customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!  We are in the “service” business and customer satisfaction is essential to not only our growth but, our survival.  We strive every day to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.  During the past year we have doubled our customer base.   As with most companies that enjoy this type of fast pasted growth there is always the chance for service to slide.  We needed to measure whether we are still holding true to our #1 priority; so, we recently conducted a ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ to measure our development.  Below are the highlights from the survey:

How satisfied are you with the BioLumix company overall?

We are especially proud to declare we received 100% customer satisfaction feedback!  Here are a few quotes from the comment section:

 “I think BioLumix is a great company, and continues to grow and expand in their rapid testing abilities” – Portia Bennett, Robinson Pharma.

They’re always there to help. They always answer all my questions and give good advice” – Karem Villegas, Self Health (

 What do you like most about your BioLumix system?

 “Speed and clarity” – Mike Uckele, Uckele Health and Nutrition.   “The ability to conduct all microbial testing from a single sample in-house” – Kevin Ruff, ESM.  “It’s fast, easy-to-use, and accurate” – Karem Villegas, Self Health.  “Processing time” – Vanessa Valesco, Florida Supplements.  Speed of Analysis, and Easy to operate” – Ramiro Salgado, Formulation Technology.  “Ease of operation. I’m not a chemist. My technicians love it too” – Kenneth W. Engel, Herbal Extracts Plus.  “REDUCTION IN CYCLE TIME.” – Rich Connor, IVC.  “Simplicity of use” – Jeff Raber, The Werc Shop.   “Fast Turnaround time” – Michelle Manning, Formulation Technology.  “Ease of use for technicians and durability” – Nick Labinsky, Premier Research Labs.  “Simplicity” – Jim Paul, All American Pharmaceutical. “It is very easy to understand” – Christine Lawson, Formulation Technology.  “It’s easy to operate” – Vanessa Liu, Essential Pharmaceutical. “Product and customer service” – Sarah Serano, Avema Pharma Solutions.  “Its user friendly” – Krysta Hudson, Uckele Health and Nutrition.  “I like the speedy results and the immediate notification as soon as it detects a positive result” – Portia Bennett, Robinson Pharma.

How satisfied are you with the performance of your BioLumix System?

Again, we received 100% customer satisfaction feedback!  Comments included:

 “I like the breadth of abilities of the system and its ability to screen for pathogens” Dr. Jeff Raber – The Werc Shop.  “It’s been an easy, efficient, quick and practical way for us to test our raw materials, finished products and surfaces.”  Karem Villegas – Self Health (

How satisfied are you with the technical service you receive?

Another 100% customer satisfaction response.  Some of the customer’s comments included: “My questions are answered in record time” – Kenneth W. Engel, Herbal Extracts Plus. All of the people at Biolumix have been very helpful in attending my technical questions” – Christine Lawson, Formulation Technology.

“Any questions I have ever had about BioLumix and BioLumix computer program have been answered immediately” – Portia Bennett, Robinson Pharma.

It was gratifying to learn that all our customers said that they would recommend the BioLumix system to their vendors, suppliers and customers!     - Ruth Eden, President, BioLumix, Inc.

Contact us today!  We would welcome the opportunity to earn another satisfied customer.

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