BioLumix Meeting with FDA

BioLumix met with FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) personnel to present its new technology, answer questions and demonstrate how the BioLumix rapid, automated microbiology can be used in the Pharmaceutical industry.  The technology was warmly received by the CDER and BioLumix is encouraged by its ability to submit a Drug Master File (DMF). This will help to simplify and speed up the regulatory review process for companies adopting its technology.

The DMF is a technical document that contains support data for specificity, limit of detection, robustness, ruggedness, and equivalence to USP methodology.  The DMF can be used to streamline the validation of the BioLumix system, saving companies that wish to adopt the technology time and money.  For over the counter drugs the documents can serve as the basis for the validation package.

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