BioLumix System Saves Valuable Time in Yeast and Mold Testing

Rapid Microbiology Yeast and Mold TestingIf you are a microbiologist, or work in close relation with a laboratory, you probably already know that yeast and mold testing is one of the longest quality control processes. Both the plate count and the membrane filtration techniques used by many microbiology labs often take between 5-7 days to complete, and this ends up costing you and your organization valuable time and money in the mean time. The BioLumix rapid microbiology system is based on cutting edge knowledge of the microbial metabolic process, and is the most versatile method around when it comes to the expedient detection of microorganisms. For the nominal cost of our automated testing systems, your company could shave several days off of their production and distribution time, and secure a catalyst that will increase profits for years to come.

Yeasts and molds constitute a large and diverse group of microscopic foodborne fungi, totaling several hundred different species. One of the main reasons that these organisms are so successful in attacking foods and cosmetics is their versatility, having very broad temperature (5-60 ?C) and acid/alkaline (pH 2-pH 9+) requirements for growth. This means yeast and mold are capable of invading crops, such as those producing grains, nuts, beans, and fruits both before harvesting and during storage, and can also make their way into our processed food. In many cases Yeasts and molds are not immediately visible, however these fungi can cause varying degrees of deterioration and decomposition in products, with the manufacturer only discovering their presence when it’s too late.

Several different kinds of molds and yeasts can be hazardous to humans and animals due to their ability to produce toxic metabolites called mycotoxins. These metabolites are stable compounds, and the performed toxins are usually not destroyed during food processing, or even when cooking at home. Other yeasts and molds can also cause allergic reactions or infections, especially in immunocompromised demographics, such as the elderly, the young, the debilitated, or those undergoing antibiotic and chemotherapy treatment. To make matters worse, yeasts and molds often cause products to spoil after they have left the processing facility, posing potentially a health hazards and product quality issues to the consumers. For this reason, a wide range of industries require that companies test their products for yeast and mold before they go on sale. In a nutshell, the quicker you can produce and quality test products, the quicker you can get your inventory to market, and the more profitable you will be.

This value proposition is the premise upon which our rapid microbiological testing system was founded. The BioLumix system is committed to simplifying, expediting, and reducing the cost of performing microbiological assays so that companies can bolster production with a fraction of their current working capital. Our ready to use vials are capable of detecting yeast and mold in 48 hours, saving 3-5 days when compared to plate count and membrane filtration techniques and keeping more money in your pocket.

optical technology for yeast and mold testingThe keys to our systems celerity are its patented CO­­­2 sensors and optical technology, which continuously monitor growth media in each vial. Because yeasts and molds are obligate aerobes, they must take in oxygen and release Carbon Dioxide (CO­­­2) in order to grow. This cellular respiration is part of the Krebs cycle, and is used by all aerobic organisms to generate energy. When the sensor detects the presence of CO­­­2 it is a sign that microbial growth is present. The optical sensor simultaneously takes readings of the vials at 6 minutes intervals, detecting changes in color, and allowing for rapid detection of growth. Results are easy to interpret and can be automatically transmitted via a multitude of communication channels to its needed location, such as a warehouse or production facility to expedite shipping of a safe product. Our fully automated system can also be operated by a non-microbiologist, reducing labor by up to 60%, and allowing skilled scientists to spend their time in the lab more efficaciously. With less tedious work, microbiologists can turn their attention to higher value tasks, such as interpretation of data and product safety analysis, making your lab far more efficient.

With the BioLumix rapid microbiology system, labs can revolutionize the way that one conducts their quality control process. Our platform makes production times shorter, products safer, and recalls less frequent and far less costly. Adding value and increasing lab productivity with BioLumix will allow your organization to thrive, and will put you in a position to be successful for years to come.  

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