May 10, 2011 – BioLumix customer satisfaction Survey:

Customer SurveyAt BioLumix customer satisfaction is our #1 priority! We are in the “service” business and customer satisfaction is essential to not only our growth but, our survival. We strive every day to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. During the past year we have doubled our customer base. As with most companies that enjoy this type of fast pasted growth there is always the chance for service to slide. We needed to measure whether we are still holding true to our #1 priority; so, we recently conducted a ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ to measure our development.

It was gratifying to learn that all our customers said that they would recommend the BioLumix system to their vendors, suppliers and customers! - Ruth Eden, President, BioLumix, Inc.

February 2011

Water DropRecently a new assay for the detection of Heterotrophic bacteria in water was developed for the Biolumix system. The assay was validated by testing 50 samples of multiple types of water that were tested by the BioLumix system side-by-side with the plate count method.