Come and See us at the IAFP in Indianapolis, IN August 3-6, 2014; Booth 610

The 2014 Annual International Association of Food Protection (IAFP): The IAFP meeting will provide attendees with information on current and emerging food safety issues, the latest science, innovative solutions to new and recurring problems. It also provides an opportunity to network with thousands of food safety professionals from around the globe. This meeting has grown over the years to become the leading food safety conference worldwide.
More than 2,800 scientists, from six continents, attend the IAFP Meeting. This event owes its reputation and success to the quantity, quality and diversity of each year’s program; the quality and relevance of exhibits sharing the latest in available technologies; leading experts speaking on a variety of timely topics.
All of us at BioLumix want to take this opportunity to invite you to our exhibit (booth #610) and show you what’s new at BioLumix. We continue to innovate, growing our assay repertoire and capabilities – allowing you to perform all required assays on raw ingredients and finished products, as well as test environmental samples and process water.
During the IAFP show, we will feature:
New Listeria vial: The vial helps detect Listeria in environmental swabs. The Listeria vial capitalizes on the ability of Listeria to hydrolyze esculin, which in the presence of ferric ions, results in the yellow broth turning black and a reduction of the absorbance. A Listeria detection obtained with the BioLumix system can be further verified using a simple and quick Rapid Listeria Immunostrip Test. There was 100% agreement between the BioLumix system and plate methodology when product swabs contained Listeria.
Enhanced B. cereus vial: Recently the inhibitory system of the B. cereus vial was enhanced to eliminate the detection of non-target organisms. It uses the CO2 sensor at the bottom of the vial. The new BC vial recovers well vegetative cells as well as spores. The method used is very simple; just pipette the diluted sample into the vial. The results are available in 24 hours or less.
Direct inoculation of products into vials: Many products can be introduced directly into the BioLumix test vial without the need of a dilution step. These include yogurts and sour cream, as well as milks. Complete coliform test results are obtained within 12 hours with one vial substituting for nine or more MPN (Most Probable Number) test tubes. Yeast and mold results are obtained in 48 hours rather than 5-7 days using plate methods.

The yogurt can be directly added (Figure 1) into BioLumix vials to measure growth of Coliforms or Yeast and Molds. Specialized high pH BioLumix vials can also be used for yogurt samples. When a low pH yogurt sample is added to the BioLumix high pH Coliform vial (CC), the pH conditions become near neutral. This ensures the yogurt manufacturer to be able to correctly test for coliforms using a direct (without dilution) sample of product. As much as 1 gram of product can be directly tested in each BioLumix test vial.

With automated monitoring of ready-to-use assay vials, along with automated data processing and archiving, the microbiologist’s job gets a lot easier with the same accurate results in less than half the time. Our innovative vial design prevents product interference even when directly testing products, such as yogurt and salad dressing. Come to our booth (#610) or contact us directly (734-984-3100) to learn more about the exciting new developments we are featuring at this year’s IAFP.

The BioLumix Advantage
• Vial design prevents product interference
• Automation and connectivity allows faster product release
• Real-time communication for immediate action
• Expedited results: most results in 12-18 hours; Yeast and mold assay in 48 hours
• Automated data archiving and audit trail
• Streamlined testing increases laboratory efficiencies
• Paperless laboratory: centralized test data automatically stored and protected
• Barcode capability for automated sample entry
• Environmental testing made easy

Free Product Trial
Give us your most difficult samples and we will test them for free. We will provide you with a detailed report which includes a side-by-side comparison to your current manual methodology. The data generated is strictly confidential and is only used to show the high correlation of results should your company decide to purchase.

We look forward to working with you and earning another satisfied customer!