Cosmetic and Toiletry

Automated Preservative Efficacy Test, Suitability and Microbial Limits

BioLumix offers innovative microbiological testing solutions designed specifically for the cosmetic and toiletry industries. The BioLumix system is extremely versatile and is capable of performing common microbiological assays tests, such as those for microbial content (microbial enumeration of total aerobic counts and yeast and molds), objectionable organisms, suitability testing and preservative efficacy testing.

We offer a comprehensive range of microbiological tests for raw materials, in process and finished products as well as environmental testing.

BioLumix Advantages:

  • Simplified Microbiological testing
  • Capable of quickly distinguishing clean samples from samples containing microorganisms
  • Ready-to-use assay vials simplify testing
  • Vial structure eliminates product interference
  • Detection limit of 1 microorganism
  • Streamline testing system increases laboratory efficiencies
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Expedite time to results – results in hours rather than days
    • Most assays are completed in a few hours
    • Yeast and molds tests finish in 48 hours
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant with audit trail and log in / log out
  • Real time communication for immediate action – Early warning of contaminated samples
  • Significant savings in Preservative Efficacy Testing
    • Labor
    • Disposables
  • Connectivity to LIMS
  • Barcode capability for automation of sample entry