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Real-Time Simplified Rapid Microbiological Testing for the Dairy Industry

BioLumix offers innovative microbiological testing solutions designed specifically for the dairy industry. We offer a comprehensive range of microbiological tests for raw materials, in-process and finished products, as well as environmental testing. We take pride in our ability to provide you with solutions based upon solid microbial know-how.

Example of applications:

Yogurt (Read More)

Ice-cream (Read More)

UHT Milk (Read More)

Other dairy Products (Read More)

BioLumix Advantages:

  •        Simplified Microbiological testing procedures
  •        Capable of quickly distinguishing clean samples from samples containing bacteria, yeast or mold
  •        Real-time communication for immediate action – Early warning of contaminated samples
  •        Automated communication through the Internet or Intranet for quick product release
  •        Streamline testing system increases laboratory efficiencies
  •        High degree of accuracy
  •        Expedite time to results- results in hours rather than days
  •        Most assays completed in a few hours
  •        Yeast and molds within 48 hours
  •        21 CFR Part 11 compliant with audit trail and log in/out
  •        Centralized test data automatically stored and protected
  •        Connectivity to LIMS
  •        Barcode capability for automation of sample entry
  •        Environmental monitoring made easy

Available Assays:

  •        Total Aerobic Count
  •        Total Yeasts and Mold
  •        Coliform
  •        Enterobacteriaceae
  •        Pseudomonas
  •        Staphylococcus aureus
  •        Escherichia coli
  •        Salmonella
  •        Lactic Acid Bacteria
  •        Thermophilic bacteria yeast and molds
  •        Psychrotrophs
  •        Shelf-Life testing
  •        Environmental Monitoring

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