E. Coli

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The BioLumix system is the most versatile method for the detection of microorganisms. Based upon state-of-the-art knowledge of the microbial metabolic process, the ready-to-use vials are designed to rapidly detect color or fluorescent change as a result of metabolic activity in a liquid medium. The vials come with a Certificate of Analysis and can be stored at room temperature.
Coliform Vial

EC: E. coli Vial

The E. coli vial membrane vial (a membrane filter is used to separates the sample containing area where microorganisms may be present, from the reading zone where detections occur), monitoring the utilization of MUG (4-Methylumbelliferyl-3-D-Glucuronide) by E. coli (enzymatic reaction). The medium is highly selective for the detection of E. coli. MUG is the most commonly used fluorogenic substrate for the detection of E. coli. It detects the activity of glucuronidase by E. coli.

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