Everything is New at SupplySide Marketplace 2012!

New venue…new location…Stop by and see what’s new at BioLumix – booth #542 at the SupplySide Marketplace, Javits Center New York City on May 9th & 10th. The BioLumixsystem is the most advanced microbiological testing system of its kind. A demo of theBioLumix system will be available during the tradeshow.

Do you need Validated, Simplified Rapid Microbiology Testing? The state-of-the-art BioLumix system helps streamline microbial testing, and allows for easy compliance with cGMP, with over 200 instruments performing assays daily. All of BioLumix customers’ audits by FDA and NSF passed their inspection while using the BioLumix System.

Dealing with difficult to read plates or manual data transfer is a thing of the past. With automated monitoring of ready-to-use assay vials and automated data processing and archiving (paperless), the microbiologist’s job isa lot easier, with the same accurate results inless than half the time.

What is the BioLumix System? Test vials areincubated and the assay are monitored every 6 minutes. Each Instrument is capable of simultaneously running 32 test vials at one temperature. The modular structure of the BioLumix System enables flexible growth as needed; up to 1,024 samples can be tested simultaneously with up to 32 instruments connected to a single PC. There is random access to all instrument vial positions at any time. Therefore,no batching is required.

The Biolumix System is designed to accelerate product release with a simplified, automated approach.This yields fast, accurate results while reducing costs. No more waiting days for completed assays. The BioLumix System brings automated microbiological testing in house with most assay results achieved over night, and an Automated Certificate of Analysis within 48 hours for all USP assays. It is simple enough to be operated by no-microbiologists, providing accurate data of raw materials, environmental samples, and finished products.

What would you like to save? Time, money, labor? BioLumix does it all. The BioLumix system is both simple and cost-effective, with its streamlined testing design and single platform testing. The system is designed to accelerate product release using a modified simple methodology. It saves time to results,labor for microbiological testing and money due to its cost effectiveness. In many cases, return oninvestment is takes less than 6 months.

What would you like to test? Tablets, capsules, oils, liquids and powders are easily analyzed andresults are obtained quickly and with real time communication. The simple sample preparation allowstesting for raw materials, in-process product, finished goods, processing water and environmenta ltesting. All of which have been Validated by us, according to USP methodology, so you don’t have to. Infact, we are so excited about our system that we ask your company to send us samples and we will testthem for free so you can see the results!

What Assays would you like to test?


Total Aerobic Microbial Count Total Combined Mold and Yeast Count Enterobacterial Count (Bile-Tolerant Gram Negative Bacteria) ColiformE. coli Pseudomonas aeruginosa Staphylococcus aureus Salmonella Probiotic

Would you like No Product Interference?

The vial design is separated into two zones: the incubation zone where the sample is present, and the detection zone where the readings take place.Therefore, the system prevents any product Interference.

The BioLumix Advantage is:


Simplified testing procedures – can be operated by non microbiologists Ready to us vials-shorter sample preparationVial design prevents product interference Real-time communication for immediate action Early warning of contaminated samples An automated Certificate of Analysis within 48 hours including all organisms required by USP Validation package against USP methodology including IQ, OQ and PQ Allows for cost effective internalization of microbiological assays 21 CFR part 11 compliant with audit trail and login/ log out Centralized test data automatically stored and protected Cost reduction of microbiological assays Automation and connectivity – faster product release Allows internalization of microbiological testing
Come See Us at Booth #542!

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