January 2010:Industry announcement — BioLumix is developing a new automated Preservative Efficacy Test (PET) for the cosmetic and toiletry industries.

Cosmetic Toiletry Safety The fundamental principle of the microbial challenge (PET) is based on the concept of measuring the survival ability of selected microorganisms that are purposely introduced into a preserved test product system. The test product containing the inhibitory system is inoculated with the desired pool at the target level of bacteria (105-6 cfu/gram) and yeasts and molds (105-4cfu/gram). At the desired sampling interval (day 0, 7, 14 and 28 days) a sample is analyzed to determine the reduction in counts. The vial is tested on the BioLumix instrument for 22 hours for bacteria and for 48 hours for yeast and molds. The DT’s are converted to Log cfu/g. and the Log reduction is calculated. The main advantage of this method is the automation of the process and the labor savings that it offers. It was estimated that it takes ~ 1/5 of the labor to perform the BioLumix assay compared to the standard plate count method. The new BioLumix assay offers savings in time, labor, materials, and plate space. Please contact us today for a free product trial.

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