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Vials – CO2 Sensor: Carbon dioxide is a universal metabolite produced by all microorganisms. A disposable test vial contains two zones:

Incubation zone at the top of the vial containing the media, sample and microorganisms

Reading zone with a transparent solid sensor located that changes color whenever CO2 diffuses due to microorganism growth. Only gases can penetrate the sensor that blocks liquids, microorganisms and the product turbidity. Changes are observed in the reading zone.

The BioLumix System simplifies, automates, and expedites microbial testing. The system is easy to operate, and accelerates product release yielding accurate real-time results for raw materials, environmental samples, and finished products, while reducing operational costs, saving labor and creating a paperless laboratory. BioLumix provides Coliform or Enterobacteriaceae results within 12 hours; Yeast and Mold results within 48 hours. With automated monitoring of ready-to-use assay vials, the microbiologist’s job gets a lot easier and produces the same accurate results in less than half the time.

Yeast and Mold Testing

: An example of the growth of a mold in cream cheese is shown below. The clean test result, using BioLumix Yeast & Mold vials, for the cream cheese product as shown in the Green curve.  The Dark Blue curve illustrates the growth curve in BioLumix YM vials when cream cheese was inoculated with the mold organism Geotrichum candidum.

Coliforms Testing:

Similarly, testing of sour cream showed the lack of Coliforms in the product as illustrated in the Dark Blue curve.  The sour cream product sample was found to have other flora as shown by growth in the BioLumix TAC vial, which detected total aerobic bacterial counts.  Thus, the BioLumix high pH CC vial was used to show selectivity for the presence or absence of Coliform organisms.

Rapid Detection of Pseudomonas in Dairy Products as an Indicator of Product Shelf-Life

Pseudomonad organisms are a major cause of bacterial spoilage for pasteurized milk and dairy products, due mainly to post process contamination.  Early detection of Pseudomonas can be a predictor of product shelf life as it is the predominant psychotropic bacteria present.  BioLumix has developed a rapid method for the detection of Pseudomonads in dairy products; the method is also applicable to detection of Pseudomonads in process water.

The vial is selective, not allowing for growth of unrelated gram positive and gram negative bacteria, mold or yeast.  The combination of the Pseudomonas vial with overnight pre-incubation could serve as an indicator of shelf-life of products.


The system offers a reduction in time to results as compared to the plate methodology and eliminates any product interference.  It allows for rapid assessment of problems, especially those associated with post processing.



  •       Significant savings in labor and disposables due to direct inoculation of vials
  •        Automated system eliminates operator involvement
  •       Results presented as soon as detections occur
  •       “Out of spec” samples are “flagged” in red,   demanding attention
  •       The greater the contamination level, the faster the result
  •       Pipette sample directly to ready-to-use vials
  •       Between 0.1-1.0 ml can be directly added to a vial (depending upon the desired sensitivity)
  •       Changes are monitored by optical sensor 10 times per hour
  •       Faster turn-around time: Coliform test completed in 12 hours; Yeast and Molds in 48 hours

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