Preservative Efficacy Test

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The BioLumix system is the most versatile method for the detection of microorganisms. Based upon state-of-the-art knowledge of the microbial metabolic process, the ready-to-use vials are designed to rapidly detect color or fluorescent change as a result of metabolic activity in a liquid medium. The vials come with a Certificate of Analysis and can be stored at room temperature.

Preservative Efficacy Test

Challenge testing is mandatory for all products that in normal conditions of storage and use, run a risk of contamination by the consumer or a deterioration of the product exists. The challenge test consists of an artificial inoculation of the finished product and a posterior evaluation of the decrease of this contamination to acceptable levels over time. This ensures the microbial limits established for the product are meet. This assay is mainly performed in cosmetics and toiletry products. After the each time point the product containing the microorganisms is neutralized and entered into a MC vial.

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