Each BioLumix instrument has a capacity of 32 simultaneous samples with a single incubating temperature.

One personal computer can control over 32 instruments, resulting in the ability to monitor over 1,000 samples simultaneously, allowing the system to grow with the users needs. The interlocking, front-loading design allows for safe stacking of up to 3 instruments, saving precious laboratory counter space.

BioLumix Instrument

The instrument collects the optical data generated from each vial location at a rate of 10 readings per hour. Samples can be randomly introduced into the system at any time. The instrument is a temperature-controlled incubator capable of either heating or cooling to obtain any temperature in the range of 18-60°C.

Modular Design

The modular structure of the system enables use of multiple instruments controlled by a single PC.The multiplicity of temperatures is important whenever different tests requiring different temperatures are run simultaneously (e.g., total counts at 35°C and yeast at 28°C).

Each BioLumix instrument has the formation of a drawer, enabling the customer to stack units on top of each other, thereby saving precious laboratory space.

A major feature of the system is its ability to control temperature precisely (-/+ 0.2°C) over the range of 18-60°C, regardless of ambient temperature. The instrument is lightweight, has no moving parts and is very robust.

Up to three instruments can be arranged on top of each other; as many instruments as required can be added sideways (up to a total of 32 instruments). The instruments interlock with each other, creating a stable array.

Instrument Features:

  • No moving parts; rugged design
  • Instrument grows with user’s needs
  • Random access for sample entry
  • Compact space-saving dimensions