RMM Implementation – BioLumix Case Study

With modern labs requiring higher levels of efficiency and lower investment of working capital, many microbiologists recognize the tremendous benefits of rapid microbiology methods (RMM).

Faster contamination response times, quicker product releases, and automated data capture will bolster the key profit drivers of any organization. The BioLumix platform conducts the tedious tasks for you, allowing microbiologists to focus on higher value tasks and saving money in the process.

On September 12th, Dr. Michael J. Miller, President of Microbiology Consultants, LLC, hosted a web seminar entitled: Implementation of New RMM – BioLumix Case Study. Miller is an internationally recognized expert in pharmaceutical microbiology, contamination control, GMPs, pharmacopoeia compliance, and rapid microbiological methods, among others. The presentation is a rare chance to engage with industry information at no cost, and is streamed by the American Pharmaceutical Review and is available on demand. To listen to the presentation, fill out the form below.