Service that is Second to None

BioLumix: Simple Rapid Microbiology

Service that is Second to None

Our goal is to provide every customer with high quality products, reliable customer services and superior technical support.

Technical Support

Our technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call us and talk directly with an experienced microbiologist or you can fill the form below, and we will get back to you within a few hours.

Our staff of highly trained microbiologists is dedicated to quickly and accurately diagnosing and solving any technical difficulties you might encounter.

Web-Based Remote Customer Support

BioLumix provides live customer technical support, resolving technical questions quickly and interactively. No more frustration in resolving microbiological or instrumentation issues. The secured remote system provides:

  • Immediate service
  • Quick answers to questions
  • On-line demonstration of the software features
  • On-line troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Permission based secured system

On-Site Training

After purchasing the system we will train you in your laboratory and help you tune the system to your needs. We can continuously help in data analysis and help in any microbiological problem by connecting to the instrument thru the Internet.

Validation Package

For most applications we offer a full validation package including IQ, OQ and PQ:

  • Installation Qualification (IQ) — Provides documented evidence the system is installed as specified by the manufacturer in the location where it will be operated.
  • Operation Qualification (OQ) — Provides documented evidence the system operates as specified by the manufacturer when installed in its intended location.
  • Performance Qualification (PQ) — Provides documented evidence the system performs as expected when testing is performed.

Performance validation is the heart of the package and includes: side-by-side comparison to reference method; Specificity (inclusivity and exclusivity) for each medium; Limit of detection; Repeatability; Robustness; Ruggedness; False Negative rate; and False Positive Rate.

Customizable Reports

We offer a number of ready to use reports including a Certificate of Analysis. One free additional customized report is offered. Additional reports are available at a nominal fee.

Connectivity to LIMS

Our IT department will work with your IT personnel to transfer the data from the BioLumix system into your LIMS.

Application Development

If you have a special need, ask us about opportunities for specific application development. We will work with you to developed unique vials or unique procedures.