Simple, Automated Preservative Test and Microbial Limits Test to be Presented at Cosmetic Science Symposium & Expo

Marriott Newark International Hotel October 26th

Come and see how BioLumix can improve the way of conducting microbiology testing of cosmetic products. We would like to invite you to check out the newest innovative technology for Microbial Limits and Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET). Thanks to the growing BioLumix customer base, we are rapidly becoming a recognizable solution to today’s fast-pace microbial requirements in the Cosmetics

BioLumix now offers the first automated PET and Microbial Limits system on a single platform, without any product interference! We have developed a Rapid Microbiological Method that has been validated according to FDA requirements*. The validated BioLumix system is an alternative to the classic USP methodology. It is a streamlined testing system which is far less labor intensive and requires less skilled technical personnel to operate. Saving up to 75% in PET labor, it will also significantly reduce consumables and testing bench-top space.

The BioLumix Optical Technology is based on continuously monitoring changes of color / fluorescence as a result of the microbial metabolism in test vials. The results are presented as soon as detections occur without any involvement from an operator. The technology utilizes a CO2 sensor that is a universal detector of aerobic bacteria and yeast & mold metabolism (Remember the Kreb’s cycle? Part of this metabolic pathway involves the conversion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into water, CO2 and energy).

The PET procedure utilized allows for an easy estimate of the initial inoculum with a single ready-to-use vial that can replace multiple plates. After the product interaction with inoculated product, the system automatically calculates if the appropriate reduction in numbers of organisms was achieved.

The system is fully automated including: data archiving, data maintenance in databases, and automatic report generation. Create a paperless laboratory with centralized test data automatically stored and protected, and software that is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Increase efficiency and savings on disposables (no need for decimal dilutions), time and space, and best of all the system is unaffected by product interference. BioLumix streamlines microbiological testing delivering a simpler, faster, and automated solution saving your company significant time, labor and money.

BioLumix offers a comprehensive range of tests for raw ingredients and finished products, as well as processing water and environmental testing.

Cosmetic Science Symposium & Expo

The Science Symposium is organized by the Personal Care Product council and attracts more than 300 industry leaders and decision-makers while offering the personal care products industry staff one-stop shopping for information about Microbiology, Quality Assurance, Safety, and Environmental.

Free Product Trial

Give us your most difficult samples and we will test them for free. We will provide you with a detailed
report which includes a side-by-side comparison to USP methodology to the BioLumix method. The data
generated is strictly confidential and is only used to help validate the system for your company should
you decide to purchase.

We look forward to working with you and earning another satisfied customer! Please call us at 734.983.3100

*The BioLumix System has been validated against USP chapters <61> and <62>, using USP <1223> as the guideline for validation. It has not been validated for PET.