Social Media: The Future

Social Media is a growing trend for both individuals and companies to facilitate communication using online vehicles. Every day, both individuals and companies are joining the Social Media circle by participating in sites such as: Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. This new platform is not only trendy; it is the communication level of society into the future.

As a young and innovative company, we knew that the next step would be to join this movement in order to help set the pace within the continually evolving field of technology. As a pioneer of new technology, BioLumix specializes in Microbiology testing for a variety of industries (Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Food, Dairy…just name it!). For BioLumix, joining Facebook is just another way that we are connecting with customers, potential customers and others interested in rapid microbiological methods.

Why Facebook? One of the reasons for joining Facebook and other social media sites in general are that since we have established our presence in the microbiology world with a wide range of customers (industry wide and worldwide), we want to be able to openly communicate with our customers and the microbiological community in the best possible way. It will allow us to enhance our relationships with others interested in better ways to test their products for microbiology. We want to spread the word to let individuals and companies know that not only will they be able to visit our website: and contact us by email or telephone, anyone can now communicate with us using our new Facebook page. Additionally, pages have been launched for Linked In and Twitter.

If you are interested in learning more the BioLumix technology, feel free to contact us using any of the social media outlets. By using our Facebook page, one can ask questions, find answers, start a discussion, share ideas and connect to others that may already be using the system. Want to sign up for a free product trial? Write on our wall or send us an email for details. Further information is listed on our Facebook Company Page and can be found by clicking on “Free Product Trial.” Feedback can also be left on the Facebook Wall or emailed to us directly at:

Remember The BioLumix Advantage:

  • 48 hour automated Certificate of Analysis report!
  • Real-time communication of microbiological results for immediate action – early warning of contaminated samples
  • Simplified testing with ready-to-use assay vials
  • Centralized test data processing and archiving
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software
  • Validated for your product – IQ, OQ, and PQ
  • No product interference
  • Customer support 24/7/365
  • Test instruments take up little counter space and are scalable

We appreciate our customers, and as a gift to them and to those interested in becoming a customer, we will be giving away a free box of vials. In order to participate in receiving a free box of vials, become a Fan and “Like” BioLumix, Inc. on Facebook either by clicking on the link below or by searching for BioLumix, Inc. on the Facebook website. We look forward to connecting with others that are involved or interested in the field of Microbiology.

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