With our proprietary new technology, BioLumix provides accurate and rapid microbiological answers in a complete system approach using an inexpensive and simple format.
The technology is based on monitoring changes in a broth medium in which the target organisms grow. The reagents at the bottom of the vial change their color / fluorescence due to the microbial metabolism. These changes are continuously monitored by a single optical sensor. The system allows for the simultaneous detection of color and fluorescence.

Continuously Monitor Changes:

The new patented technology is based on monitoring changes in a broth medium in which target microorganisms grow and are detected by changes in color or fluorescence. The reagents or the sensor change their color / fluorescence as metabolic processes take place. These changes are detected by an optical sensor and are monitored 10 times per hour.

Disposable Two-Zone Vial:

A crucial element of the technology is the creation of two zones in each vial:

  • An incubation zone (top of vial) for the sample and microorganism
  • A reading zone (bottom of vial)

This two-zone vial eliminates masking of the optical pathway by the product and by microbial turbidity. Because changes in the color or fluorescence are monitored in the reading zone, results are not influenced by the sample or the microorganisms.

Easy-to-Read Results:

  • Changes in color or fluorescence, expressed as light intensity units, are detected by the optical sensor and recorded in the computer.
  • Sample volume of up to 5 ml can be used in the prepared and ready-to-use disposable vial.
  • Each vial location incorporates a dual-color Light Emitting Diode (LED) and a fluorescent tube to cover the full spectrum of colors and an ultraviolet light.