Read the BioLumix Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Everyone at BioLumix is committed to providing every customer with innovative, high quality products, reliable customer services and superior technical support. Our customers’ own words are the best reflection of our commitment to customer satisfaction and success.

Total Aerobic Count Vial

Mike Uckele, CEO, Uckele Health & Nutrition:

“The BioLumix instrument is one of the best purchases we have ever made. The very first test we ran found a positive for E. coli in Soy Protein Isolate. Within 48 hours, we had new material in hand, tested and approved (free of TAC, YM and E coli) so that we could manufacture our customer’s product on time. The order was very time sensitive and the customer would have never accepted a late shipment nor would they have accepted a product with high levels of E. coli. “As far as I am concerned the BioLumix instrument paid for itself the first day of operation!”

Total Aerobic Count Vial

Claire Brown, Quality Control Manager, Terry Laboratories

“The BioLumix system has been in place at Terry Laboratories for about six months. Replacing the traditional pour plate method, the system has given us several advantages. We have cut our turn-around-time in half and reduced our labor hours for testing by more than 60% . We can also monitor preliminary growth activity, receive computer generated daily reports as well as validation and calibration reports.”

Total Aerobic Count Vial

Oskar Thorvaldsson, Owner, Dr. Clark Purity

“I am so pleased that I chose the BioLumix System. BioLumix provided a more comprehensive system than the competition and an exceptional technical support.”

“Not only do they provide us with a quality system, they also can remotely support the system and update our testing parameters when needed. In addition they also provide us with a complete SOP and on-site training. This is why we can not only test our Nutraceutical and dietary supplements but also test our surface areas and cosmetic products, both liquid and dry. I have bought other equipment and I know that BioLumix is head and shoulders above anyone else as it comes to quality and support.”

Total Aerobic Count Vial

Andrea Hall, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance Manager, Premier Research Labs

“The BioLumix system has allowed us to increase throughput of tested materials, reduce the number of days required for testing, and simplified the testing process in general. We have enjoyed using the system and the customer service support received from BioLumix is outstanding!”

Total Aerobic Count VialWe’re always available to answer any inquiries regarding the sytstem specifications, installation, validation, performance, benefits and cost savings. If you would like to speak with one of our experienced microbiologists or engineers, please contact us directly:

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