The Economics of Adding Automation and Speed to Microbiological Testing

Are you growing tired of waiting on QC in order to release thousands of dollars worth of finished products?       Do you work in the lab and are you receiving inquires from senior management looking for ways to speed up the QC process?

For a nominal investment in automation, the BioLumix Rapid Microbiology System will save valuable days in the QC process, enabling you to optimize operations, increase throughput —AND  directly impact company profitability!

New rapid automated methods, such as the BioLumix System, can speed up time to results from 7–10 days to 1–2 days.  The time saved has a REAL impact on key operation profit drivers, such as elimination of idle time with raw materials, work in progress (WIP), and finished goods.

TIME IS MONEY. . . a few of the advantages of the simplified automated microbiology system includes:

Faster detection of microbial contamination results in faster corrective action.  This will result in faster substitution of out of spec raw materials and faster resumption of production of high quality product.  Faster detection of problems can result in less production of defective products.  A single incident of faster intervention can save more than the cost of a new rapid detection system.

Speed up your microbiology testing and eliminate idol time thereby speeding up production and reducing inventory.  By significantly decreasing the manufacturing cycle, you can lower the required working capital investment.  Increase your manufacturing capacity through a faster release of inventory.  By implementing a rapid micro method, you can re-allocate new found floor space to increase manufacturing capacity, add more SKU’s to inventory, or reduce distribution center costs.

The BioLumix straightforward, streamlined testing design and rapid, accurate results lead to reduced material-holding time for faster product release.   Early warning of contaminated samples as well as sample release information could be automatically communicated through the internet, significantly improving your company’s efficiencies.


The BioLumix Advantages include:

  • Single-platform testing for all assays
  • Real-time communication—early warning of contamination
  • 48-hour Automated Certificate of Analysis
  • Simplified testing with ready-to-use vials
  • Validated for your product—IQ, OQ, PQ
  • No product interference
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software
  • Technology based on traditional USP media
  • Remote-access customer support 24/7/365

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