UHT Products

Vials – CO2 Sensor: Carbon dioxide is a universal metabolite produced by all microorganisms. A disposable test vial contains two zones:

Incubation zone at the top of the vial containing the media, sample and microorganisms

Reading zone with a transparent solid sensor located that changes color whenever CO2 diffuses due to microorganism growth. Only gases can penetrate the sensor, which blocks liquids, microorganisms and product turbidity. Changes are observed in the reading zone.

Procedure:  The UHT samples were allowed to incubate at 300C for 30 hours.  Thereafter, 1.0 ml of sample was added to the vials


None of the 50 store bought UHT products contained any organisms, and all generated flat curves.  Two non-UHT naturally contaminated products (eggnog and pasteurized milk) contained bacteria and did detect in the system.

Seventy one UHT samples were inoculated with 38 different strains of bacteria at low levels (10-100 cfu/container).  All the vials that contained organisms detected in the system.


The BioLumix system is capable of rapidly distinguishing clean UHT samples from samples containing bacteria, yeast or molds with a high degree of accuracy. The system is also capable of detecting microorganisms on surfaces, by inserting the swab directly into the vial.


  • Automated system eliminates operator involvement
  • Results presented as soon as detections occur
  • “Out of spec” samples are “flagged” in red,   demanding attention
  • The greater the contamination level, the faster the result

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