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The BioLumix system simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost of performing microbiological assays. In addition, the system allows users to test as frequently and as broadly as they would like without significant cost or delays.

Convenient Ready-to-Use Vials:

The BioLumix system represents the ultimate in convenience. Ready-to-use vials with growth media have been developed to meet the needs of each customer. To complete an assay, the user simply places the test sample in a test vial and positions it in the BioLumix instrument.

Using the new optical technology, the system measures color and fluorescence readings from the vial and analyzes the level of contaminants, giving you results over a period of hours rather than days.

Speed to Results:

Results are easy to interpret and are automatically transmitted via various communication channels to the locations where they are needed — such as the warehouse — to expedite shipping of safe product.

Our prepared vials enable testing to be completed more quickly. In addition, the newly developed optical technology provides results more rapidly. As a result, the BioLumix system is faster than most technologies on the market.

Save on Labor and Training Costs:

The fully automated BioLumix system is easy to use and can be operated by non-microbiologists. This allows your company to significantly lower your labor costs.

If your company relocates your production to lower-cost geographies, testing can be performed with minimal training by locally available technicians.

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