Why New Rapid Automated Methods Are Desired?

Newer microbiological methods can improve company’s quality of testing and result in significant financial savings.  Such methods can reduce cycle times resulting in a leaner and more responsive supply chain.  At every point where microbial testing is done (raw materials, work-in-progress, or finished products) batches may be held in quarantine for up to seven days before they are pronounced ready to move to the next stage.  Waiting for microbial results can tie up working capital and results in storage expenses and a delay in supplying products to the market.  The faster results can identify a contamination and enable implementation of corrective action, and cost savings.  Consequently, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are becoming interested in adopting RMM’s.  By utilizing rapid methods for microbiology, manufacturers can dramatically slash the amount of time products must be held for microbiology testing and drive new efficiencies with less capital tied up in finished goods inventory, and reduced warehouse space requirements.

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