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The BioLumix system is the most versatile method for the detection of microorganisms. Based upon state-of-the-art knowledge of the microbial metabolic process, the ready-to-use vials are designed to rapidly detect color or fluorescent change as a result of metabolic activity in a liquid medium. The vials come with a Certificate of Analysis and can be stored at room temperature.
Coliform Vial

YM: Yeast and Mold Vial

The Yeast and Mold vial’s sensor detects production of CO2 by all yeast and molds. The disposable vial contains a transparent solid sensor located at the bottom which changes its optical properties whenever CO2 diffuses into it. Only gases can penetrate the sensor; blocking liquids, microorganisms, and particulate matter. Consequently, the optical readings are not masked by the sample. CO2 generated by microbial metabolism in the liquid medium placed above the sensor, diffuses into the sensor and interacts with an indicator reagent to provide an indication of the presence of the carbon dioxide. The medium relays on the utilization of glucose, with a pH=6.0 and contains inhibitors against bacterial growth.

Why test for Yeast and Molds?

Molds are agents that can be responsible for the contamination and spoilage of a variety of products. Some molds develop mycotoxins which diffuse into the product and may, if present in sufficient quantity, cause acute or chronic poisoning. The presence of yeasts may produce changes affecting product quality and salability, leading to significant financial implications for food producers.
Yeasts are facultative anaerobe, mono-cellular fungi, fermenting sugar substrate to CO2 and H2O.

Typical Results

The typical procedure involves the addition of the sample to a diluent followed by the addition of the sample to the ready-to-use vial. The vials are introduced into the BioLumix instrument and the rest of the operation is fully automated, including report generation.

Variety of yeast and molds where tested with the YM vial. High numbers of yeast can detect in a few hours where as single numbers detect normally in 30 hours. Mold grow a little slower, while high numbers can detect in 6-8 hours, low numbers might take up to 48 hours to detect.
variety of products were tested for yeast and molds including: Nutraceutical and Dietary supplements (multi vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, Psyllium, Spirulina, fish oil, and numerous other supplements); Over-the-Counter Pharmaceutical (soft and liquid capsules, cold remedies, vitamins and minerals, eye care products, oral hygiene products, laxatives, antacids, pain relives, to name a few); Cosmetics and toiletry products ( hand cream, Aloe concentrate, hair dye, shampoos and conditioners, tooth pastes and rinses, soaps, mascara, lipstick, foundation, and many more); Foods (cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, salad dressing, fruit pulp, etc.)


The first noticeable advantage is that BioLumix provides results in 48 hours, compared to traditional methods, which take 5-7 days. The rapid results provided enables manufacturers to release their products into the supply chain much earlier than when testing with traditional methods.

BioLumix can make the microbiological testing simpler, faster, and automated- saving significant time, labor and money. The YM vial accelerates product release with a simplified, automated approach. This yields fast, accurate results while reducing costs.

  • Vial design prevents product interference
  • Automation and connectivity allows faster product release
  • Real-time communication for immediate action
  • Expedite results: Yeast and mold assay in 48 hours
  • Early warning of contaminated samples
  • No decimal dilutions required- direct sample introduction to vials
  • Automated data archiving and audit trail
  • Streamline testing increases laboratory efficiencies
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software
  • Paperless laboratory: centralized test date automatically stored and protected
  • Barcode capability for automated sample entry
  • Environmental made easy

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